Rowdy Ready

Rowdy Ready

Complete Orientation

All freshmen and transfers are required to complete orientation before the semester begins. Why is completing orientation important? As the excitement of college starts to settle in, you may have questions regarding academics, student services, housing and meals, financial aid and much more. Orientation will answer these questions and set you on the right path to your first semester at UTSA.

What to Expect During Orientation:

  • Learn about UTSA’s student support services and academic life
  • Gain a better understanding of the personal, academic and financial responsibilities of attending college
  • Reduce anxiety about the transition to college life
  • Experience UTSA spirit and pride

Need more information?

Visit our orientation pages for more information on how to complete your orientation.

Note: Readmitted and Post Baccalaureate students, who are not in a solely online program, do not need to complete Orientation.

Questions? Contact the following office:

Orientation and Family Programs