Once you’ve been admitted to UTSA and you’ve completed your Rowdy Ready items, you’re next big milestone is to attend Orientation! Orientation is offered for the fall, spring and summer semester and it is required for our incoming freshmen and transfers.

As the excitement of college starts to settle in, many students may find they have lingering questions regarding academics, student services, housing and meals, financial aid and much more. The new student orientation will answer many of these questions and prepare you for your first semester at UTSA. By attending Orientation, students will:

  • Complete a class schedule in his/her chosen major
  • Have an effective and comprehensive academic advising session
  • Gain knowledge of UTSA student support services and academic life
  • Gain a better understanding of the personal, academic and financial responsibilities of attending college
  • Reduce anxiety about the transition to college life
  • Develop UTSA spirit and pride

When can I Sign Up?

The Orientation Reservation System opens at various times of the year, depending on the term you are admitted into.

Admitted for Summer 2018 Orientation Sign Up opens in March
Admitted for Fall 2018 Orientation Sign Up opens in March
Admitted for Spring 2019 Orientation Sign Up opens in September