In response to the continued developments of COVID-19, our Orientation programs will be offered in an online delivery format. For questions, join us for our open Virtual Office Hours, Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3-5 pm, or email orientation@utsa.edu.

UTSA Orientation Sign Banner Birds Up!

Once you’ve been admitted to UTSA and you’ve completed your Rowdy Ready items, your next big milestone is to attend Orientation! Orientation is offered for the fall, spring, and summer semester and it is required for our incoming freshmen and transfers. By attending Orientation, students will:

    • Register for your classes
    • Meet your Academic Advisor and review your degree plan
    • Learn about UTSA’s student support services and academic life
    • Gain a better understanding of the personal, academic and financial responsibilities of attending college
    • Reduce anxiety about the transition to college life
    • Experience UTSA spirit and pride


When can I Sign Up?

The Orientation Reservation System opens at various times of the year, depending on the term you are admitted into.

Admitted for Spring 2021 Closed
Admitted for Summer 2021 Opens in March
Admitted for Fall 2021 Opens in March


How do I Sign Up?

To sign up for Orientation, you must login to your ASAP student portal account.

  1. Log into ASAP and click the “Future Roadrunner” tab and click “Sign Up for Orientation.”
  2. Follow the onscreen step-by-step instructions, which includes selecting your Orientation date and paying an Orientation deposit.
  3. Once you are complete, you will reach a confirmation screen.
  4. Check your Rowdy Ready status for other items you must complete by the time you attend Orientation.

4 Stages of Rowdy Ready