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Orientation is the First Step

Once you’ve been admitted to UTSA and you’ve completed your Rowdy Ready items, your next big milestone is to complete Orientation! Orientation is offered for the fall, spring, and summer semester and it is required for our incoming freshmen and transfers.

What to Expect

Your onboarding experience at UTSA starts with orientation sign up, followed by your orientation experience that will prepare you to meet with an academic advisor and get you enrolled for your first semester at UTSA.

Orientation Step 1


Sign Up for Orientation

Orientation for spring term typically opens up in September and Orientation for fall/summer terms open up in March. You will be notified when the orientation reservation system is open.

Orientation Step 2


Complete Your Online Orientation

Once you sign up through the Orientation Reservation System, you will gain access to your Online Orientation modules. Online Orientation takes 1-2 hours to complete and can be done in multiple sittings. Once you complete the modules and pass the final quiz with a 90% or higher your Orientation Hold will be outdated the next business day. Online Orientation fulfills the university orientation requirement.


Orientation Step 3


Meet with Your Academic Advisor

Completing Online Orientation and having your Orientation Hold outdated notifies Academic Advising that you are now eligible to schedule your Academic Advising appointment. You will receive an email to your UTSA email address with information on scheduling your advising appointment within two weeks of completing Online Orientation. If you are not contacted by Academic Advising, please email advising@utsa.edu. You can learn more about what to expect from your first appointment with your academic advisor by viewing the Advising Module in Online Orientation or visiting the UTSA Academic Advising website.



Orientation Step 4


Register for Classes

When you meet with your academic advisor, he or she will review your degree plan and advise you on your first semester schedule. Afterwards, you will be able to adjust and register for your classes.

Orientation Step 5


Finish Your Rowdy Ready Checklist

Be sure to review your Rowdy Ready checklist, it’s personalized with required items you’ll need for a successful transition to UTSA. Some items will need to be completed before meeting with your academic advisor and others can be completed prior to the first day of classes.

Orientation Step 6


Join an Extended Experience

Additional extended orientation experiences will allow you and your family to learn even more about your first semester at UTSA! Visit the New Student Extended Experiences page to learn about these exciting opportunities!