As the university continues to monitor the omicron variant, our Welcome Center will be operating virtually through February 6. All visits during this time will be conducted virtually.

Family Orientation

Family Orientation

Welcome to the UTSA Family! As your student begins their journey to become a new Roadrunner, we are excited to provide you with resources, opportunities, and information to help make sure you have all you need to be an informed and engaged UTSA family member.

UTSA Family Experience

As a family member to a new, incoming student, we know it is important to gear and equip yourself up with as much knowledge and insight you can to ensure your student success. We offer our UTSA family members an optional, orientation experience that parallels your students with a variety of important information and campus resources. In addition, we partner with UTSA’s Family Association who make sure you stay connected to campus activities, network with other UTSA family members and continue to support your student. We encourage you to take advantage of these amazing opportunities.

UTSA Family Orientation

Become an engaged and informed UTSA family member by attending Family Orientation. Hear from campus partners, learn new information, and gain a greater understanding of how to be a supportive family member to your new student.

Family Orientation is offered for every academic term as an in-person or virtual experience. Sign up for a Family Orientation session to learn more about UTSA’s services, resources, network with other family members and gain valuable information to assist with successfully navigating UTSA.

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UTSA Family Association

The UTSA Family Association is the official membership organization for families of current students. The association is free to join and keeps families informed about what is happening on campus and how they can support their student, as well as creates opportunities for families to engage with the University’s administration, faculty, staff and President.

Consider joining this free organization, as UTSA understands the importance of family engagement to the success of your student.

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UTSA Campus Resources

We want to make sure you have access to all the information you need to enhance you and your students’ campus experience. Campus Services and the UTSA One Stop Enrollment Center have a variety of information that may assist you in ensuring your success and transition to campus and a new year.

UTSA Campus Resources

UTSA One Stop Enrollment Center

For further questions or information, please contact or call our Office at (210) 458-4724.