Rowdy Ready

Rowdy Ready

Required Orientation

Orientation is required for all freshmen and transfers because it promotes a smooth and successful transition into college life at UTSA. It’s a unique experience designed to welcome you to Roadrunner Nation. It’s your first big step towards becoming a Roadrunner!

How to Sign Up for Orientation

Orientation is required for all incoming freshmen and transfers. To sign up for Orientation, you must login to your ASAP student portal account.

  1. Log into ASAP and click the “Future Roadrunner” tab and click “Sign Up for Orientation.”
  2. Follow the onscreen step-by-step instructions, which includes selecting your Orientation date and paying an Orientation deposit.
  3. Once you are complete, you will reach a confirmation screen.
  4. Check your Rowdy Ready status for other items you need complete before you start your first semester at UTSA.

More Information: Freshmen Orientation | Transfer Orientation | International Orientation

When can I sign up for Orientation?

The Orientation Sign Up System opens on specific dates that are based on your admitted term and student classification (freshman or transfer). You can access the system on ASAP, click on the “Future Roadrunner” tab, click “Sign Up for Orientation” and follow the step-by-step instructions to reserve your spot.

Admitted for Summer Now Open
Admitted for Fall Now Open
Admitted for Spring Opens in October

What to Expect at Orientation

As the excitement of college starts to settle in, you may have questions regarding academics, student services, housing and meals, financial aid and much more. Orientation will answer these questions and set you on the right path to your first semester at UTSA. At Orientation, you will:

  • Register for your classes
  • Meet your Academic Advisor and review your degree plan
  • Learn about UTSA’s student support services and academic life
  • Gain a better understanding of the personal, academic and financial responsibilities of attending college
  • Reduce anxiety about the transition to college life
  • Experience UTSA spirit and pride

Questions? Contact the following office:

Orientation and Family Programs