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Josh Ciotti ’22

San Antonio, TX
Joshua Ciotti '21

Josh chose to become a Roadrunner because UTSA was close to home and offered everything he needed to grow academically and professionally. He’s majoring in biology and plans to take his studies further with medical or graduate school. Josh currently works as a First-Year Experience Peer Coach where he helps new students learn about the resources available to them at UTSA.

What is the FYE program and what does a Peer Coach do?

The First-Year Experience program offers two courses to help freshmen focus on their goals and discover what they truly want from their collegiate experience. As a Peer Coach, I guide first-year students through the many resources and programs that UTSA has to offer. This might include finding out about university support services like tutoring or counseling, or student clubs that have built up a community of students with shared interests. It can be anything that helps first-year students be successful and make the most of their time here as a Roadrunner.

How does FYE support first-year students?

We have the unique opportunity to become one of the first friends a new student will make at UTSA, especially if they’re someone who maybe isn’t as extroverted or comfortable in big groups. As a Peer Coach, I can offer insight that is very relatable to a first-year student because I was once in their shoes too. Peer Coaches can also be someone who is just there for you when you need to vent a little and let go of a bunch of negativities 

Any impactful stories that you’d like to share about your time here as a Peer Coach?

This is going to sound really cliché, but a few of my mentees have actually changed the way that I see my future. By listening to what they want to do with their lives, and by researching ways I can help them get there, I’ve realized that there are more options for me than what I thought when I first started at UTSA. College will definitely take you as far as you want it to.

What advice would you share to Future Roadrunners?

Don’t sweat it, there’s an organization for most interests here! Get to know those you have classes with and you’ll become friends fast. People are more welcoming and kinder than you might think!