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Get to Know Anna

Anna is a UTSA alumni who graduated in 2021 as an Honors College student with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Because of her involvement at UTSA, she has grown a successful and impactful career since graduation.

In the Spotlight

Pursuing a Passion for Technology

Anna’s inclination for technology found its home at UTSA. She had always had a big interest in technology, and her passion was a perfect fit for UTSA’s computer science program.

Advancing Her Career

Rigorous study and campus involvement put Anna in a competitive position for internships. One of the internships she got at UTSA was with a leading social media platform. After that, her future was looking bright, and she continued to find opportunities beyond her internship. Anna feels like UTSA set her up for success when she graduated.

UTSA Student Anna

Android Engineer

Making a Difference

Now, as an Android Engineer at H-E-B, Anna develops technology that helps people in their everyday lives, and giving back makes it all worth it. Anna’s future as a Roadrunner is looking bolder than ever.

Anna Arroyo
"At H-E-B as a software engineer, I get the chance to develop apps that people use for ordering groceries. It feels really great to help my community."
Anna Arroyo '21

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