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Get to Know Malachi

Malachi Plumer is a thriving Roadrunner who’s making the most of his opportunities at UTSA. Malachi is a recipient of the Distinguished Presidential Scholarship, and is a member of the Honors College. He’s working hard towards a Bold Future in the field of kinesiology. Read on to learn more about Malachi.

In the Spotlight

Joining the Roadrunner Family

There were many things about UTSA that Malachi was looking for in his college experience. UTSA’s status as a Hispanic Serving Institution guaranteed a vibrant community, its kinesiology program was a perfect fit, and it provided an exciting environment in a new city. “I chose UTSA because it was a new environment for me,” said Malachi.

A Distinguished Presidential Scholar

UTSA’s allure only grew when he was awarded the Distinguished Presidential Scholarship, a scholarship awarded to students who showed exceptional academic achievement in high school, valued up to $20,000 and renewable for four years. He stated that “being a Distinguished Presidential Scholar really took that financial burden off of my shoulders, so I was able to focus more on school and engaging in extracurricular activities.” Coming from out of state, Malachi saw the cost of his college education significantly reduced, since international or out-of-state Distinguished Presidential Scholars who receive at least $1,000 per year have their tuition reduced to in-state rates at UTSA!

The UTSA Honors College

His high school achievements also earned him an invitation into the UTSA Honors College, of which he is now a member. Malachi appreciates the opportunities he has access to as an Honors College student. Malachi said: “They offer a lot of communal outdoor activities, study groups, classes and internships. There are a lot of benefits to being in the Honors College.”

Staying Active to Create a Bold Future

Malachi still manages to stay busy with other extracurriculars. He participates in Intramural sports like flag football, volleyball and basketball. He’s also in the Athletic Training Apprenticeship program held at the Rec, which he finds particularly useful in preparing for his future career. “Going into strength and conditioning, I need that foundational level of how to work out or how to use equipment right,” he said.

Malachi’s goal after graduation is to secure a strength and conditioning coaching position for the NFL or a collegiate sports team. With his dedication and UTSA’s resources, that goal is well within reach.

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