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“The possibilities for what one can create are limitless!”

Meet Esteban

Howdy! I came to UTSA to study engineering and join the Air Force ROTC program. Along the way, I ended up getting really attached to the college because of the student body, faculty and staff, and really the opportunities that the college presented to me.

Beginning in my freshman year I joined labs, worked with the engineering ambassadors, engaged with my fellow students through student organizations, and eventually landed myself a position where I help maintain one of the most impressive facilities that we have — the UTSA Makerspace.

Now, I’m giving back. I’m starting my last year of college, and my story kind of ends through the mark that I want to leave here.

UTSA has empowered me to make changes in my community and I hope to do the same through educating people through the things that I do here — maintaining a machine shop, teaching people how to solder, working the 3D printers. I want to give that knowledge back because it’s my hope at the end of the day — through an actively engaged student body passionate about honing their engineering craft — that UTSA will be recognized as a major league school for engineering.

major: Mechanical Engineering

year: Senior

hometown: Weslaco, Texas