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“UTSA has the perfect combination of a supportive community and a passion for excellence unlike any other university …”

Meet Jenelle

I lived in the residence halls my freshman year, and one of my earliest and fondest memories was our resident advisor taking out entire floor to Kickback at the Student Union. It was here that I formed friendships that are still intact today as I go to my senior year.

But at UTSA the feeling of community doesn’t just stop in housing. I became highly involved in two organizations —the Association for Computing Machinery and the Association for Computing Machinery-Women’s chapter. In both of these organizations, I received the amazing opportunity to hear from industry professionals each week about the work they’re doing in the field of tech. As an added bonus, I’ve made many, many lifelong friends that I can continue to share memories with and learn about tech with.

Through these organizations, I even got my first internship — this was an undergraduate research experience at UTSA with Dr. Amanda Fernandez in her Vision & Artificial Intelligence Lab. During this experience, I saw the work that really makes UTSA’s excellence in research possible.

I also get to engage in excellence involving students, staff and faculty at UTSA hackathons — students ,staff and faculty in computer science, computer engineering, cybersecurity and data science fields come together to organize RowdyHacks each year, which is a hackathon for hundreds of students to encourage them to make projects innovate and learn new technologies over a weekend.

major: Computer Science

year: Senior

hometown: Lakewood, Colorado