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Sebastian Gallegos UTSA alum

Get to Know Sebastian

Sebastian graduated from UTSA in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in finance. As a recipient of UTSA’s Bold Promise, Sebastian was able to pursue higher education at an affordable cost.

In the Spotlight

UTSA’s Bold Promise

Sebastian fulfilled his dream of graduating from college with UTSA’s Bold Promise. Launched in 2021, this program makes college affordable, so students can freely work towards their dreams. Because of UTSA’s commitment to students in need, Sebastian could focus on his college career without worrying about money.

Pursuing the Pre-Law Program

Sebastian participated in UTSA’s Pre-Law Special Program, which offers classes, LSAT insights, and even application assistance for law school. UTSA also hosts an annual Summer Law Academy, which helps students become lawyers and go to law school with classes that are on the level of what they’ll see in law school. 

UTSA Student Sebastian Gallegos

UTSA BBA in Finance Degree and Pre-Law Program

Hispanic Student Success

UTSA is committed to serving Hispanic students. In 2023, the university received recertification of the Seal of Excelencia, which represents UTSA’s ongoing support of Hispanic student success. UTSA is also one of only ten universities who hold both the Seal of Excelencia and the prestigious Carnegie R1 designation for research

Finding Familia on Campus

Sebastian described feeling welcomed and at home during his time at UTSA, both by the students and by the faculty. When he came to UTSA and saw how many Hispanics were interested, not just the students but also the faculty and professors, it felt like he was part of a community that understood his background and where he came from. Now, equipped with an undergraduate degree, Sebastian is ready to reach his bold future!

Sebastian Gallegos
“I received the Bold Promise to come to UTSA. Through this program, I could focus on my career and the organizations here at the university and not have to worry about any of the expenses.”
Sebastian Gallegos '21

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