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UTSA has a streamlined transfer application process, and our admissions counselors are standing by to help you with a wide range of services and materials.

Before you Apply

Before you get started, take note of these important details:

  • There are two ways to apply to UTSA, ApplyTexas and Common App. Pick one! Please do not submit an application on both platforms. Students interested in a fully online degree program should apply through UTSA Online.
  • Please submit only one application per term.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that all required documentation is received at UTSA by the application deadline (not postmarked).
  • An Admission decision cannot be processed until your admission file is complete (i.e. UTSA has received your application, fees, test scores, documentation, etc.)
  • All documents in support of an application become the property of UTSA and cannot be returned.
  • Offers of admission are valid only for the term indicated in the admittance letter.

How to Apply

Follow the steps below on how to apply to UTSA as a transfer.

Transfer Admission Requirements

All transfer applicants must meet the minimum GPA listed below based on completed transferable credit hours (not including dual credit) and be eligible to return to their most recent institution. Certain majors have additional requirements to be admitted directly into the academic program. Review our major pages to see if there are any additional requirements. Students who are admitted to the university are not guaranteed admission to a specific academic program.

There is not a minimum number of credits you need before you transfer to UTSA. However, there is a maximum of credits from a community college that can transfer: our students cannot apply more than 66 transfer credit hours to their program to UTSA as per the UTSA policy.

Please Note: Test score requirements are suspended for all applications through Fall 2023, but submission is encouraged where possible.

Guaranteed Admissions
Transferable Credits* Minimum GPA (4.0 Scale)
< 12 hours 2.25 Transfer GPA & must meet freshmen requirements*
<12-29 hours 2.75 Transfer GPA or 2.25 Transfer GPA & must meet freshmen requirements*
≥ 30 hours 2.25 Transfer GPA*
Additional Requirements for Honors College
Transfer applicants who have completed at least 12 credit hours of prior college coursework (not including dual credit) and have a minimum 3.7 cumulative GPA will receive an invitation to apply to UTSA’s Honors College. Invitations are sent via email to qualifying transfer applications within the first month of each Fall and Spring semester. Visit the Honors College website for more details.
Additional Requirements for Specific Majors
At UTSA, we want you to be as prepared for your major as possible so some programs will have additional requirements. If you do not meet the stated requirements initially but meet UTSA’s general admission requirements, then you will be admitted into UTSA’s University College in an “academic studies” program based upon the major you applied for. Click here to see the listing of majors that have additional requirements.
  • *Dual Credit & Work in Progress (WIP): Dual credit and coursework in progress do not count toward a transfer student’s transferable credit hours. All attempted work is considered. Repeated courses are not excluded.
  • *Freshmen Requirements: Transfer applicants who must meet freshmen requirements must submit an official high school transcript and SAT/ACT score from the testing agency. In addition, transfer applicants who must meet freshman requirements and undergo committee review are encouraged to submit an essay and letters of recommendation.
  • *Foreign College Transcripts: Applicants must have a 2.5 GPA on all foreign college transcripts.

Submit Admission Application

Submit an application either through ApplyTexas or Common App. Please submit only one application per term. Students interested in a fully online degree program should apply through UTSA Online.


ApplyTexas is the Texas public university application platform that allows you to apply to multiple Texas public universities through one portal.

  1. Create an account on ApplyTexas. You will be assigned a login and password. Keep these for your records.
  2. Edit and complete your ApplyTexas Profile. Your profile responses help determine which application type(s) you should use. If you’ve already completed your profile, you can go to the next step.
  3. Start a new application to UTSA by clicking the “Start/Edit Application” button and “Start a New Application”. Then select “Four-year college/university” and then select “University of Texas at San Antonio – (San Antonio)”
  4. Select “Transfer” under application type.
  5. Select your semester
  6. Select your first choice major
  7. You’ll get redirected to your “My Application” page. Find the “University of Texas at San Antonio” box (it will be a blue box with orange borders) and click on “+ Admission Application” to find the additional questions you must answer. Click on each of the links and follow the prompts on the screen to answer the questions.
  8. Once UTSA receives your application, you will get an email from “UTSA One Stop”. Be sure to complete the rest of the steps in the admission process to have a “complete” admission file.

Common App

UTSA is also available on the Common App, a national application platform that allows students to apply to multiple participating universities across the United States through one portal.

  1. Create an account on Common App for “Transfer Students”. You will create your log–in and password. Keep these for your records.
  2. Add Program Tab: Once your account is created, go to the “Add Programs” tab, search and filter for “UTSA”, then under the header “The University of Texas at San Antonio – UTSA”, click on “+” next to the term you are seeking admission (ex: Undergraduate Fall 2022).
  3. My Application Tab: Complete all questions under each tile “Program Information”, “Academic History”, “Supporting Information”, and “Program Materials”. UTSA-specific questions will be found under “Program Materials”. Follow the prompts on the screen to answer the questions.
  4. Submit Application Tab: When you have completed all information, go to the “Submit Application” tab to submit your application to UTSA.
  5. Once UTSA receives your application, you will get an email from “UTSA One Stop”. Be sure to complete the rest of the steps in the admission process to have a “complete” admission file.

Pay Application Fee

The application fee for UTSA is $70. It is a non-refundable fee.

Pay Fee Online

You can pay your application fee via credit card when applying through ApplyTexas or after you submit your application through the UTSA ASAP student portal. After we receive you application, you will get an email from UTSA to activate your myUTSA Account which will allow you to login to ASAP. Once logged in, click on the “Future Roadrunner” tab, then click “Check your Admission Status” and scroll to the bottom for the payment button.

Pay Fee by Check or Money Order

If you prefer to pay via check or money order, you can make it out to “The University of Texas at San Antonio”. Please include applicant’s full name and date of birth so the payment matches the correct application. It can be mailed to the following address:
The University of Texas at San Antonio
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, Texas 7824

Fee Waivers

Fee waivers are not available for transfer applicants.

Submit Transcripts

Transfer applicants must request transcripts from each of the colleges the student has attended. These should match the same colleges you listed on the admission application. Please note each institution will have its own transcript request process.

Faxed, scanned or photocopied transcripts will not be accepted or acknowledged. All transcripts must be received by the UTSA Office of Undergraduate Admissions by the application deadline (not postmarked). You can check your admission checklist when you receive your myUTSA ID to see what items we require to complete your admission file.

Electronic Transcripts

UTSA prefers transcripts to be received electronically through SPEEDE. Electronic Parchment, E-Script PDF, and Naviance transcripts can be sent to from the electronic delivery service or institution. Please note emails with transcripts received directly from students will not be accepted.

Transfer applicants who must also meet freshman requirements will be required to have their final high school transcript sent to UTSA. UTSA can receive electronic high school transcripts sent via TREx and Naviance via Parchment delivery.

Sealed Paper Transcripts

If your institution prefers mailing transcripts, seal copies of your official transcript can be mailed to:
The University of Texas at San Antonio
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
One UTSA Circle, San Antonio, TX 78249.

Evaluation of Foreign Credentials

Any applicants, including non-U.S. citizens (International), U.S. Citizens, and permanent residents, who have earned university-level credit from foreign institutions are required to submit transcripts along with a mandatory evaluation of the transcripts from Foreign Credential Services of America (FCSA), but you can submit a credential evaluation from any evaluators on the NACES website. UTSA accepts credit only from recognized accredited academic institutions. An approved evaluation requires a detailed course-by-course evaluation. Foreign credential evaluations must be received by the application deadline for your application to be processed.

Foreign Transcripts

International transcripts must be recorded in English or officially translated to English. Transcripts in the original language must accompany all translated documents.

Military Transcripts

Submission of military transcripts is not required for admission. However, applicants can submit their military transcripts to review for UTSA elective credit eligibility. As a Serviceman’s Opportunity College (SOC) institution, UTSA awards credit on a limited basis for military coursework.

In order for credit to be awarded, a student should submit an official Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript System (AARTS) or an official Sailor/Marine/Ace Registry Transcript (SMART) listing all military coursework completed to UTSA. Official Joint Services Transcripts can be requested online at

Submit Test Scores

Submit your SAT or ACT test scores directly from the testing agency. Please note: test score requirements are suspended for all applications through Fall 2023, but submission is encouraged where possible.

UTSA Institutional Test Codes
4239 ACT
6919 SAT

International students who need to submit an English language proficiency test score can submit any of the following: TOEFL, IELTS, PTE Academic, Cambridge C1 Advanced, iTEP Academic.

Submit Additional Documentation

Once you have your myUTSA ID, you can Check your admission status by logging into your ASAP student portal to see all the remaining items, documents, or forms that are required to complete your admissions file. All documentation must be submitted by the admission deadline (not postmarked).

International Documents

For international students, each country requires specific documentation when applying to UTSA and all submitted documents must be translated into English: North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania.

When to Apply

All required documents, transcripts, fees, and test scores must be on file by 5:00 p.m. on the date of the deadline. Deadlines that fall on a weekend or UTSA holiday will be extended until 5:00 p.m. the following business day. Applicants whose files are not completed by the final deadline will not be considered for admission to UTSA for the semester to which they applied. Students interested in fully online programs should follow UTSA Online deadlines.

Term Priority Transfer Deadline International Transfer Deadline Domestic Transfer Deadline
Fall January 15 June 1 July 1
Spring October 15 November 1 November 15
Summer March 1 April 1 May 1

Applicants have the right to appeal decisions of the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Students requesting an appeal must do so by submitting the Appeal for Undergraduate Admission form and any other requested documents as outlined on the form. The appeal must be received by the Appeal Deadline for the term of the application. Deadlines which fall on a weekend or UTSA holiday will be extended until 5:00 p.m. the following business day.

Deferred Admission Deadlines

The deferred deadlines table is for transfer applicants who were notified that a decision concerning their admission was being deferred pending receipt of their grades for current coursework in progress. As soon as you complete your courses, please request an official transcript to be sent to this office. To expedite processing, you may mail or bring a copy of your grade report to our office to be forwarded to the evaluation staff. Scanned or faxed grade reports will not be accepted or acknowledged.

Deferred Deadlines
Fall August 15
Spring January 11
Summer May 20

After you Apply

Check Your Email

Once you submit your application, you will receive a thank you email from ApplyTexas or Common App, not UTSA. It can take up to two business days for the application to be received by UTSA once it is submitted.

Once UTSA receives your application, you will receive an e-mail from our One Stop Enrollment Center (UTSA One Stop) confirming the receipt of your application. Shortly after, you will also receive a second email from “UTSA Accounts” to claim your myUTSA ID.

Claim Your myUTSA ID

You will be issued your “myUTSA ID” once UTSA receives your admission application. Your myUTSA ID consists of 3 letters and 3 numbers (example: abc123), which will provide you access to your UTSA ASAP student portal where you can check your admission status.

Your myUTSA ID must be activated and a passphrase created by the applicant before they will be able to access any UTSA systems. If you run into any issues claiming your myUTSA ID, please contact UTSA One Stop at 1-210-458-8000 or 800-669-0919.

Check Your Admission Status

Once you have your myUTSA ID, you can log into your ASAP student portal to check your admission status. Most information is conveniently organized under the “Future Roadrunner” tab. You’ll be able to review your admission status, see your missing application item, and if you’re admitted to UTSA, you’ll see additional information such as your Rowdy Ready Checklist and your Academic Standing.

Apply for Scholarhips & Financial Aid

With your myUTSA ID and passphrase, you can now access the UTSA Scholarship HUB, which is a single-source platform for students to find various scholarship opportunities available to apply to, including the Scholarship Hub’s General Application. The general application will instantly put you in the pool of scholarships that are managed by the UTSA Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. After you submit the Scholarship Hub’s General Application, we encourage you to continuously return back to the Scholarship Hub to check for additional scholarship opportunities provided by other UTSA offices.

Also, don’t forget Financial Aid! Even if you don’t think you will qualify for federal aid, we recommend all students submit a FAFSA. If you are not a US citizen, but eligible for Texas aid, submit the TASFA. Both FAFSA/TASFA are free, fairly quick to complete, and can help factor into additional items like grants and scholarship opportunities. If you need any help, reach out to your admission counselor!

Mind the Deadlines

The priority financial aid deadline is January 15 for Fall and November 1 for Spring. Transfer applicants who apply and get admitted to UTSA by May 1 for Fall or Oct 15 for Spring will be given automatic consideration for the Distinguished Transfer Scholarship (DTS) valued at up to $6,000 for up to two years if renewal eligibility is maintained. Don’t miss out!