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“Before I knew it, campus felt like home.”

Meet Farah

I started at UTSA in fall 2019 and that following semester, COVID happened. UTSA was pushed into an online setting like the rest of the world. I didn’t get to have the traditional college experience at first, but UTSA still strived to get students as involved as possible. I saw how much Student Activities and so many others cared about making sure that we were engaged. So, I got involved and, because of that, I not only found my best friends, but I got to have some of the best opportunities during my college career.

I also have had the opportunity to learn firsthand from some of the most amazing faculty. Some of my professors have run hedge funds, some of them have been involved with Fortune 100 companies such as USAA, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and so many others, I’ve gotten the opportunity to network with people from these companies. That’s what led to me getting my two internships with USAA and, hopefully post graduation, walk away with a full-time offer.

Representing UTSA and working with The College Tour has been nothing but amazing. This university has given so much to me, and it’s been such a great experience to give back in this way.

major: Finance and Management

year: Senior

hometown: San Antonio, Texas