As the university continues to monitor the omicron variant, our Welcome Center will be operating virtually through February 6. All visits during this time will be conducted virtually.



The UTSA Familia extends beyond our students, faculty and staff. We seek to promote a sense of connectedness and belonging among members of the community and offer resources and support services to benefit parents/families, school counselors and the local community.


At UTSA, we regard student families as proud members of the Roadrunner community. We offer a Family Engagement Program with information dedicated to student families on financial aid, scholarships, tips on transitioning from high school and more. We also publish a Monthly Family Newsletter that provides helpful resources to prepare the grade school community for college. Military families also have access to the Center for Military Families for additional connections and support.


We appreciate all the hard work counselors do to prepare students for college life at UTSA. We offer Counselor Resources that can help you quickly locate information on our programs, campuses and amenities.

Community Outreach

UTSA has a strong commitment to community outreach because we realize the impact it can make in the lives around us. We offer a variety of support services that you can request any time online. Whether you need to request our Mobile Go Center, a 42-foot mobile computer lab that serves grade school students by raising college awareness, or a Presenter to speak in your classroom or at a college or career fair in Bexar County.

We’re here to serve and are happy to offer a variety of tools to our grade school community within Bexar County and beyond. We offer support services that will help students on the Road to College and Career and cater specifically to either elementary school, middle school or high school.