Parents/Family Resources

Parents/Family Resources

At UTSA, we regard student families as proud members of the Roadrunner community. As part of our community, we offer programs and services like the Family Engagement Program, Monthly Family Newsletter and the Center for Military Families to help parents stay informed and connected.

Family Engagement Program

Our Family Engagement program hosts presentations on relevant topics like financial aid and scholarships, family involvement, transitioning from high school to college and more. Presentations are held Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm and after regular business hours on Tuesday and Thursday. Presentation requests can be submitted to

Monthly Family Newsletter

UTSA has a Monthly Family Newsletter with helpful resources to prepare our grade school community for college. These issues provide information on high school graduations, family involvement, financial aid and scholarships, transitioning from high school to college and more.

Center for Military Families

The Center for Military Families serves the UTSA military community by offering military-related programs, collaborating with existing organizations, and contributing to research and theory that aims to better understand the challenging circumstances facing military families.