Freshman Orientation

Freshman Orientation

In response to the continued developments of COVID-19 and to support the health and wellbeing of our university community, spring Orientation programs will be offered in an online delivery format. Sign up is now open! We are excited to also offer a Virtual Family Orientation, a Virtual Resource Fair, and Virtual Office Hours on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3-5 pm. For questions, please email

As the excitement of college starts to settle in, many students may find they have lingering questions regarding academics, student services, housing and residence life, financial aid and much more. The new student orientation experience will answer many of these questions and prepare you for your first semester at UTSA.

4 Stages of Rowdy Ready

Sign Up for Freshmen Orientation

You must be admitted to UTSA as an incoming freshmen or transfer and have had activated your myUTSA ID in order to sign up for your Orientation date.

When Freshmen Orientation Sign Up Opens

Dates are available on a first come first served basis. The programs that are specific to you and your major will appear in your ASAP reservation system. You may not see all program options.

Admitted for Spring Term Now Open!
Admitted for Summer Term Opens in March
Admitted for Fall Term Opens in March
  1. Log into your ASAP account, click the “Future Roadrunner” tab and click “Sign Up for Orientation”
  2. Follow the onscreen step-by-step instructions, which includes:
    • Select your Orientation Date
    • Adding Family Orientation, if your family members wish to attend
    • Paying your Orientation Deposit
  3. Print your confirmation and parking permit when you reach your confirmation page
Fall Freshmen Orientation Fee $225*
Spring Freshmen Orientation Fee $80**
Summer Freshmen Orientation Fee $80**
Online Orientation Fee $65

*Fall students must make $50 non-refundable deposit when they sign up for Orientation. The remaining balance will be placed on your Student Tuition and Fees. Please note the fall term student orientation fee includes the orientation fee and orientation housing charge or orientation commuter charge (if not staying on campus).

**Spring and Summer students must make $25 non-refundable deposit when they sign up for Orientation. The remaining balance will be placed on your Student Tuition and Fees.

You are welcome to log back into your ASAP account and make edits to your orientation reservation as long as your edit button is visible on your confirmation page. In the two weeks prior to your program, the orientation registration period will end and you will no longer be able to edit your reservation. Should your plans change or an emergency arise, please reach out to our office to see if any accommodations can be made.

    Please note: Your deposit is non-refundable, even if you no longer plan to attend UTSA

Before You Complete/Attend Orientation

You do not have to be Rowdy Ready complete before you attend/complete orientation, but we encourage you to check off items as quickly as possible! Your Rowdy Ready status includes items that we recommend completing prior to attending orientation such as:

You can view your personalized Rowdy Ready status by logging into your ASAP account and clicking the “Future Roadrunner” tab.

Rowdy Ready Details

What To Expect at Orientation

Fall Freshmen Orientation experience is a two-day program, designed to introduce our incoming freshman to the UTSA community and get prepared for their first semester at UTSA. Freshman Spring and Summer programs are one-day programs.

Fall Orientation 2-day, 1-night program
Spring Orientation 1-day program
Summer Orientation 1-day program

for 1-Day Program:

Orientation students participating in a One-Day program, are not required to stay on campus and housing is not provided. Program ends by 5 pm.

for 2-Day Program:

Student orientation housing is optional for the Two-Day new student orientation program and space is limited. Specific information about Two-Day programs housing is included below.

Housing Location UTSA Main Campus
Lodging No linens provided. Residence Hall Room, fully furnished, No television provided.
Housing Assignment Will room with same gendered roommate(s).
Arrival Date Day 1 after orientation check-in is complete
Departure Date Day 2 by 5:00 p.m.

for 1-Day Program:

Participants will receive a light continental breakfast and lunch as part of the program.

for 2-Day Program:

Students lunch for the first day are included in the orientation fee. Meals on the second day are not included but a variety of venues will be open on campus.

for 1-Day Program:

  • Check-In followed by various department sessions. After lunch, participants will have a scheduled advising appointment and have time to complete other business on campus.

Please be aware that the orientation experience includes EXTENSIVE WALKING. Please plan accordingly as the university does NOT provide any mobility assistance equipment.


for 2-Day Program:

  • Day 1: Check-in starts first thing in the morning, followed by sessions throughout the day, as well as evening programming
  • Day 2: Your scheduled Advising Appointment as well as additional optional sessions. Program ends by 5 pm.

Please be aware that the orientation experience includes EXTENSIVE WALKING. Please plan accordingly as the university does NOT provide any mobility assistance equipment.

for both 1-Day and 2-Day programs, the expectations are:

  • Participants must be available during this entire time and attend all sessions and activities.
  • Failure to comply will result in students not being able to register for classes

Click here to see what you need to bring to Freshmen Orientation.

for both 1-Day and 2-Day programs:

A temporary orientation parking permit is required and must be displayed to park on campus during orientation. Below is more information on parking for orientation:

        • The temporary permit can be found in your confirmation letter after you register in ASAP
        • Follow all parking policies listed on this permit, failure to do so will result in a parking citation
        • The temporary permit will be marked with the dates that the permit is valid
        • The temporary permit is good for unmarked spaces only in the designated parking lot listed [ex: Brackenridge Rd Lot 1, BK 1 or Resident Lot 1, R1]. DO NOT park in Faculty/Staff or 24 HR RESERVED spaces. DO NOT park in fire lanes, reserved spaces, service areas, loading zones, University Vehicle spaces or restricted areas
        • The permit must be visible on your dashboard at all times to avoid receiving a citation. Pay-by the hour parking is available in the Bauerle Road or Ximenes Garages. Any vehicle parked in violation of UTSA parking regulations will be cited. If you receive a citation at orientation, you will need to file an appeal with Campus Services.
        • Specific information about ADA parking on campus can be found here.

Online Orientation Option

Freshmen students who cannot attend an on-campus Orientation program will have the opportunity to participate in an Online Orientation experience after the on-campus experiences have concluded or when in-person registration is full.


Contact our Office of Orientation and Family Programs.

Phone 210-458-4724
Office Main Campus, Multidisciplinary Studies (MS) Bldg, Room 2.01.10